Daniel Bosmans

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Chapitres d’ouvrages scientifiques

  • Bon Départ (2012). French Beginners course at the Open University – ISBN – 13: 978-1780078274

Articles scientifiques dans des revues à comité de lecture

  • Young, E., Bosmans, D., & McLoughlin, R. (forthcoming). Affective Transitions? Understanding the Student Experience of Entering Higher Education in a Widening-Participation HE-in-FE Setting. Journal of Further and Higher Education - Keywords: Affect, Widening Participation, HE-in-FE
  • Bosmans, D. & Hurd, S. (2016). Phonological attainment and foreign language anxiety in distance language learning: a quantitative approach. Distance Education, 37 (3). DOI: 10.1080/01587919.2016.1233049

Articles scientifiques dans des actes de colloque à comité de lecture

  • Bosmans, D. (2017). An Exploration of French Pronunciation Learning Strategies of Distance Learners. International Conference on MOOCs, Language learning and Mobility, Naples, 13 /14 October 2017. pp. 171 – 180.
  • Bosmans, D., Young, E., & McLoughlin, R. (2018). Does PAL Work? An Exploration of Affect amongst First-year HE in FE Students. Athens Institute for Education & Research 20th Annual International Conference on Education. Athens – 21st to 24th May 2018. Athens Journal of Education, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 13-32.